May we introduce: Catarina. She is currently in training to become a commercial employee. In her free time, she plays the clarinet and is interested in hornussen.
Name: Catarina Egli

Training: commercial employee

Departments: call center, customer service, accounting, corporate services B2B / marketing

Hobbies: Hornussen (Swiss sport) and clarinet
This is how I joined Fleurop
In 2016 I started a cooking apprenticeship at the Children's Hospital in Zurich. After 11 months I stopped my apprenticeship because it was not the right profession for me. I registered for the motivation semester at Job-Plus. After a short search I got an internship at Fleurop. There I was able to do various tasks independently and quickly realized that the profession of commercial employee was the right one for me. Fortunately, I was able to start my apprenticeship at Fleurop as early as 2018.

What I do
During the internship I worked in the accounting department where I was responsible for booking the payments and sending the ordered goods to the flower shops. In the 1st year of my apprenticeship I took telephone orders in the call center and carried out many other tasks. At the moment I am working again in the accounting department. In the 3rd year of apprenticeship I will support the corporate services B2B and the customer service.

The newly launched plants for men with male names and human characteristics, are the latest hit! I like them very much and I am proud to be a member of the project team. My favorite plant is Charlie. Which one is yours? :)

Introducing Fleurop Young: