May we introduce: Arusan. He is currently in training to become an IT specialist. He likes to spend time with his friends and play football.
Name: Arusan Akilan

Training: IT specialist

Departments: IT

Hobbies: Chilling with friends, doing sports (football)
This is how I joined Fleurop
I was already sure in secondary school that I wanted to become a computer scientist. The application phase was relatively long. But at the end I got this great apprenticeship as an IT specialist at Fleurop.

What I do
With my four support colleagues I support partner companies and employees. Sometimes I also complete given orders. As apprentices, we are even allowed to carry out projects on our own and present them to other apprentices.

I like to give flowers myself, for example to friends or family. Recently I gave my colleague a great flower and she thanked me with a big smile. My personal favourite is the plant for men «Jack».

Introducing Fleurop Young: