May we introduce: Alina. She is currently in training to become a commercial employee. She likes sports, fashion and the scent of lilies.
Name: Alina Kovarik

Training:commercial employee

Departments: call center, customer service, accounting, corporate services B2B / marketing

Hobbies: shopping, fitness, listening to music
This is how I joined Fleurop
Since after school I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, I spent an interim year as an intern at Fleurop. There I was offered an apprenticeship as a commercial employee, which I gladly accepted. I really enjoy the apprenticeship here and the different departments are very exciting.

During my training I have the opportunity to stay in different departments. I have already worked in accounting, call center and customer service. My next department will be corporate services B2B and marketing. I'm really looking forward to it.

What I do
In customer service, for example, I dealt with complaints and wrote e-mails. There I liked the fact that I could solve problems and was in contact with people. What I like about marketing is the creativity and that every job is different.

Since I find flowers very beautiful, working at Fleurop in general appeals to me a lot. My favourite flowers include lilies, as for example in the wonderful bouquet «Lily Princess».

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