Advent and Christmas 2021 - the most beautiful trends

Fancy a bewitching, glittering, fabulously beautiful Christmas season? Here you will find the hottest trends: from classy and natural to stylish and glamorous.
Trends? Everything as usual - and yet quite different
A sea of lights, fragrant evergreens and maybe even a fireplace: Advent is coming soon. But even before then, the magic of Christmas surrounds us. Trends? Somehow everything is as usual, and yet everything is different.

Classic colors like red, white, gold and silver are still sought after. But the naturalness propagated in 2020 has a new elegance this year.
Look forward to wonderful colors
In terms of color, not only earthy nuances can be seen, but also various shades of green and brown. Light colors are also back in vogue, but this year they are more restrained, much more delicate. And lovers of glamour?

They will not be disappointed either. This trend, inspired by Art Deco, seduces with intense color tones, as we know them from the Roaring Twenties.  In any case, the professionals claim that the current Christmas trends are among the most beautiful in recent years.
Trend «Naturalness» - unpretentious and yet elegant
This look is probably one of the most beautiful. This is mainly due to the materials used, such as cork, bark, jute, grasses and wood. These can be wonderfully combined with marble, stone or metal, creating an elegant yet unpretentious design.

The materials remain natural, but the feel is important. That's why, in addition to rustic surfaces, finely polished finishes also emphasize the beauty of nature.
Contemplation in its most beautiful form
For the natural look, the forest provides designs and patterns in abundance, including acorns, bark, leaves, nuts, cones and fruits. The color palette emphasizes the understated atmosphere and tactile materials.

This includes shades of dark juniper berries, light green, reddish brown, purple beech, dull green, moss green, basalt green and warm shades of light stone. In short: this is contemplation in its most beautiful form.
Trend «Delicate poetry» - young and cheerful
This graceful, young style in delicate colors represents an optimistic attitude to life. It has a lot of playfulness about it, but there are also more matter-of-fact interpretations. A cheerful flora with lots of blossoms and tendrils, but also ruffles, small graphic designs, checkerboard patterns or romantic elements are striking.

In any case, this decoration expresses the pure desire to decorate, and this not infrequently spreads to the whole house.
Flirt with soft colors
In this trend, the color scheme is sensitive and gentle, be it a velvety gray, a delicate lime green, cloudy white in combination with dark topaz, a romantic rosé, light almond tones or a delicate airy sky blue.

It is a trend that finally puts an end to dreary thoughts and lets you look to the future with hope.
Trend «Intense» - from opulent to glamorous
Inspired by Art Deco, this modern trend stands not only for opulence and glamor, but also for intense hues that were so sought-after in the Roaring Twenties. This year, dark blue (Blue Depth) and emerald green are particularly often seen as trend colors, sometimes combined with gold, sometimes with silver.

But a velvety dark red (Samba), a dark violet with blue-red nuances and an ocher-orange, which is most reminiscent of paprika powder, could also be a hit.
Great combinations for even more effect
Speaking of combinations: while to the red and orange tones rather gold or bronze harmonize, to the violet rather silver fits. Incidentally, faceted baubles in a mix with plain baubles come off well here.

Nevertheless, you should not place too many decorated elements. Art Deco is mainly associated with geometric shapes. This modern component is broken at most by peacock feathers as well as faceted crystal glasses.

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