Let’s party

Summer is the season for garden parties: small or large, with barbecues, cold buffets or tasty snacks and sandwiches. Discover the things you should consider when planning here. The very basics are to have enough seats, food and drink, and of course decorations for all your guests.

Ideas and tips for the garden party, the summer festival or the barbecue evening:

Let the Sunshine in
Summer Potpourri
A Small Sun (1 sunflower) with bar of chocolate “Hello Sunshine“

Fancy sunflowers pure, a bouquet or an arrangement with sunflowers?

Decoration ideas and recipes for a great garden party, summer festival or barbecue evening (DIY):

Decoration ideas and recipes with sunflowers (DIY):

Would you like to add a flowery note to your drinks? How about some flowery ice cubes?

If you want, you can also add herbs and berries. Guaranteed to be an eye-catcher.
For our ice cubes we used dried, edible petals, daisies, herbs such as thyme, lavender and mint as well as berries and lemon.

Summernight Party
Beautiful Summer Basket
Mixed Bouquet with Gottlieber Hüppen "Special Edition for Fleurop"